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5 Well-Known Stunning Modest Fashion Bloggers and Influencers

Because we are living in the digital era, anything can go viral on social media. As a result, digital influencers have emerged as a way of promoting the latest hijab designs for Muslim women. Hijabi fashion bloggers and Influencers have taken on the role of promoting the hijab and the latest designs of abaya trends in 2022 throughout the globe. Dress for women of all religions and origins is becoming more and more inclusive of modest fashion. 

Head covering women have appeared in advertisements for anything from clothing to beauty products. And modest clothing style has had a significant impact on the fashion industry, as seen by the social media accounts of hijabi women bloggers.

With these Instagram accounts, you’ll come across a number of beautiful and creative modest fashion models to follow.

Some popular and Modest Bloggers and Social Media Influencers 

Influencers with a large number of followers are promoting modest fashion by covering their body parts and looking great. In addition to earning money from modest blogging, these bloggers serve as role models for others, encouraging them to be real in all aspects of their appearance and behavior in the world.

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1- Username: HEBA JAY

Heba, a New York-based fashion blogger, has a magnificent perspective on different things, relationships, and modest fashion. Oversized shirts, long jackets, high-muffler necklines, and flared leggings are among the many outfits she likes for her photos.

In addition,  Heba is a role model who encourages others to let their individuality shine through their beautiful hijab styles, regardless of their religious obligations to dress modestly. 

You’ll fall in love with her simple yet eye-catching gowns, whether you’re attending a fashion show or simply hanging out with friends. Look no farther than Heba’s profile the next time you’re looking for ideas on how to wear your hijab in a fashionable way.

2- Username: MARIAALIA

Maria Alia’s style is all about interesting captions and much more striking modest clothing choices; this is what sets her work apart. Taking a glance at her feed, you will note that she doesn’t use the typical social media fakeness. Editing and basic pictures can never be overdone.

Despite this, her clothing and hijabs are strong and attractive, whether she wears a silk scarf with a long coat or a kaftan style with a basic pair of jeans and a T-shirt. Shop from the online clothing stores in Dubai to get anything you want in a variety of designs and prices.

3- Username: DIAN PELANGI

 Another popular Indonesian blogger is the name of  Dian Pelangi who inspires individuals who want to embrace modest fashion style in all of its beauty. Dian is a master of the abaya designs 2022,  and the hijab, and she does it all with amazing elegance.

Additionally, Diane is included in the business magazine Forbes under the age of 30 which is a great achievement. Her own fashion brand is very popular with women all around the globe.

4- Username: HIJABHILLS

Ruba Zai is among the best-dressed Hijabi travelers, and her Instagram page shows it. With her latest hijab designs and unusual wardrobe selections, she may also be referred to as a really stylish modest fashion enthusiast mother. 1.1 million people follow her Instagram account, which goes by the name @hijabhills. Her articles will attract your attention because of the lovely color schemes, stunning locations, and her casual but elegant fashion presentation.


To sum it up in one sentence: Hibaba’s profile said that she is a young woman of age 25-30 who is working for the empowerment of women, beauty, and style.” The fact that she generally wears turban hijabs and is known for her flawless make-up has earned her a devoted fan base of millions.

Her work is relatable, amusing, and, most importantly, motivating. Her colorful traditional clothes, beautiful hijab styles with scarves, and other vibrant lip colors are striking.


These women have shown that modest dressing can be fashionable and have helped to promote it. There is no doubt that they are confident and gorgeous in modest clothing and serve as an example to women who are afraid that they won’t appear fashionable in such outfits.

A person is considered stylish and up-to-date when they are seen wearing and carrying themselves with confidence in outfits they like wearing. Following the lead of these style icons, it’s important to dress in a way that makes you happy. Now is the time to buy abayas, hijabftans, and jalabiyas which these celebrities wear on online clothing Dubai h

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