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Brand New Kaftan for Ladies in UAE

Kaftan ladies dresses

The UAE has a centuries-old practice of wearing religiously themed kaftans. However, this traditional clothing style has been modernized and is now appealing to domestic and foreign women. The conventional kaftan dress has long sleeves that button along the front and often fall to the ankles. Designers and stores make kaftan dresses based on the season and demand. They are commonly available in both short and long kaftan styles. Short kaftans can be worn as tops over jeans and skirts, while you can wear long kaftans with maxis or other clothes. At the Jamali online clothing store in Dubai, UAE, kaftan dresses are available in various patterns and top best fabrics

What is Kaftan?

A traditional kaftan is a long-sleeved garment from Mesopotamia. Its popularity quickly spread throughout the Ottoman Empire, where Sultans and others of higher social standing wore it from the 14th to the 18th centuries until it became a fashion statement worn by many civilizations worldwide, primarily in the Middle East. The Persian term kaftan, also used in Arabic, refers to a long robe that reaches down to the calves or just below the knees. It has an open front and sleeves that get halfway up the arms and wrists.

Under the influence of Persian fashions, the kaftan evolved from a long, buttoned-up robe mainly worn by men to a highly adaptable fashion item worn by both men and women. It’s typically made of cotton, silk, or a combination of the two, and it’s well-known for its lightweight and lose fit, making it a perfect piece of clothing for warmer climes. In addition, you can wear a women’s kaftan up or down, depending on your preferences.

Summer styles:

Most designers release half-sleeved and sleeveless kaftan dresses during the hot summer. The embroidery on these dresses is modest, and the color schemes are kept cool and airy in light of the hot weather. Cotton and chiffon are the most common fabrics used in clothing. Beach kaftans paired with maxis are UAE women’s most popular summer kaftan clothing.

Winter fashion trends:

Winter fashion trends change. Long-sleeved kaftan dresses with elaborate embroidery enter the scene. Cotton is giving way to wool and silk as clothing materials. Furthermore, the color schemes darken and grow heavier, giving off the appropriate winter emotions. The most popular winter kaftan attire for ladies in the UAE is full-sleeve kaftans that reach the ankles. At Jamali, the Clothing store offers the best winter collection of kaftans, hijabs, and modest fashion UAE things for more details visit the Jamali store.

Kaftan Prices:

The prices of kaftans in the UAE vary depending on the material and the designer of each class can purchase a kaftan dress based on their needs and budget. You can find low-cost kaftan dresses in a lot of little boutiques. The price of a kaftan dress in the neighborhood markets starts at just 100 dirhams. However, at large shopping malls, the cost of kaftan dresses skyrockets. The prominent designers charge more than Dirhams 3,000 for their dresses. As a result, the scene needs to be more cohesive.

The Jamali Collection intends to empower women by instilling a strong sense of self-confidence. Jamali offers the ideal wardrobe of designer and luxury gowns for a lady to express herself, whether at home with family or out with friends. Our supplies are provided online, in top regional department stores, and in specialized boutiques in the UAE and Gulf.

Each collection includes a variety of styles, including maxi dresses, kaftans, short dresses, blazers, trousers, and midi dresses. Every look is intended to be eye-catching and to make the wearer feel truly special.

Why Should Women Wear Kaftan Dresses?

There are several reasons why a woman should wear kaftan dresses. There are numerous rainbow prints, floral patterns, and elaborate designs adorning a kaftan dress. In addition, many more design elements are incorporated into the kaftan dresses, such as kimono sleeves on the dress and a V-neckline with buttons to open it. 


The “one size fits all” design of the kaftan makes it a natural choice for women of all body types and ages. Kaftan dresses to suit everyone, whether they are thin or fat. These dresses are an excellent choice for plus-size women.


Kaftan ladies’ dresses are breezy and light, making you feel at ease. These outfits are excellent for any informal occasion. Wearing these dresses will make you feel stylish and comfortable whether you’re out shopping, having home-based kitten parties, or doing anything else. These Kaftan dresses are also ideal for wearing as a nightgown. The dresses are made of soft fabrics like polyester and cotton, and the material used in these loose-fitting dresses is gentle on the skin.


The kaftans are the most vibrant and colorful of the designs available. The beauty of the multicolored print is found in how many disparate, beautiful images are thrown together to create a charming work of art. Examples include abstract patterns, animal prints, bird patterns, and many other styles. In addition, many kaftans have designer prints, bright beads, and embroidered thread.


These well-known Kaftan dresses can also be used as beach cover-ups. These colorful kaftan dresses are breezy and comfortable to wear. You may wear these kaftan dresses at any time to look nice on every occasion, whether it’s a vacation or a beach party. You may also wear big tribal necklaces with kaftan dresses and pair them with a boho haircut, ethnic footwear, and great make-up. After all of that, these dresses will shield your skin from sunburn when you’re at the beach. 

Get a wide variety of top best kaftan from Jamali clothing store.

Most of our kaftans have self-tie belts to give our customers the choice of wearing them loose or accentuating their waist, ensuring our designer ladies’ Kaftans fit and flatter different body shapes. In addition, Jamali Kaftans often have a detached, soft natural lining again to give our customers the choice of wearing them with or without the lining depending on the nature and place of the occasion – beach parties vs. more formal events. 

The Jamali team spends significant time sourcing textiles for our kaftans. We have kaftans that are both ‘casual’ and ‘formal.’ They are typically constructed from various fabrics – soft, firm, and so on. So, come to our online shopping store, where we offer the best Kaftans and dresses from Dubai, UAE.

We’ve always wanted to supply ladies with a magnificent and trendy Wedding Dress Kaftan as a company. Ladies are stunned by the constant attention and applause they receive from the time they put on one of our fashionable kaftan dresses. Moreover, natural elegance must be comfortable since we are most confident and attractive when clothed comfortably.


When Would You Wear a Kaftan?

Kaftans are versatile garments that can be worn for a variety of occasions. You can wear it on weekends, whether going to a summer party or the beach. Alternatively, during the week, when going to work or doing daily chores. You can style it however you want and make it appropriate for any occasion by pairing it with the proper undergarments and accessories.

What’s the Distinction Between a Kaftan and a Kimono?

The Kimono, influenced by Japanese fashion, is an open-fronted, loose-fitting cover-up with various styles. They are often hand-sewn into a ‘T’ shape from a unique silk fabric and secured with a belt. Similarly, kaftans, which have African and Middle Eastern origins, are light dresses that hang loosely on the body. They can have a deep open neck or be entirely hollow for the floor, and they have been worn for thousands of years in many cultures worldwide.

What Material is Kaftan Made?

In hot climates, kaftans are typically made of airy fabrics like cotton, linen, or silk but are more laid-back and relaxed. Kaftans are sometimes crafted from wool and worn as bulky coats.

Is it appropriate to wear a kaftan at a wedding?

Yes, layer it over a simple slip dress or wear it with a pair of formal pants and a silk or satin top. Finish off the look with heels and a clutch bag.

What Goes Under a Kaftan?

Need help deciding what to wear beneath a kaftan? We got your back! You can select from various dresses, tops, and bottoms to style however you want. Alternatively, you can flaunt your ethnic elegance with our extensive collection of modest clothing that can easily pair with kaftans for any occasion.

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