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Different Types of Ladies’ Dresses to Wear in Ramadan-2022

Ramadan fashion includes the dress code, which covers the body parts without revealing them for a modest look. So, there are different types of ladies’ dresses in Dubai that you can wear on Ramadan get-togethers with family and friends. There’s a specific dress code for women to wear in UAE, which includes covering them from shoulders to knees. 

So, you can follow a specific and traditional clothing style to wear in UAE. If you’re visiting Dubai for the first time in Ramadan, shop for ladies’ dresses online in UAE to follow its culture. Similar to Arab countries, the women in UAE prefer wearing modest clothing in Ramadan to follow Islamic traditions. 

Some Common Ladies Dresses in Dubai for Ramadan

Women in the UAE wear those dresses which cover their body parts such as hair, shoulders, and neck. Get creative in styling and choose the right dresses for ladies in UAE. It’s essential to refrain from revealing during the Holy month. Let’s discuss some common types of dresses for ladies which you can wear in Ramadan gatherings:

1- Kaftan

For the holy month of Ramadan, most women in UAE prefer wearing Islamicallya designed kaftans. It’s long wear and loose clothing style which is in latest trend and fashion of UAE. The trend of wearing kaftan abayas in Dubai is tremendously increasing for formal and casual looks in different gatherings. 

Carrying a kaftan on Iftar or Suhoor gathering with friends or family in an elegant style gives a sophisticated look. From the modest clothing brand Jamali, you can buy different types of casual, luxury, or occasional wear kaftans. You can also wear it as a lightweight clothing style this Ramadan in a warm climate to prevent sunny rays. 

Women in UAE also look for ways to style kaftans during Ramadan. You can create an elegant look by wearing it with dresses or trying it with a belt. Or wearing a kaftan with jeans and top on above also seems a nice way for an evening look.

2- Jalabiya

It should be noted that Emirati women wear traditional garments and clothing in the holy month of Ramadan as a symbol of Islamic covering. As a woman, you can wear a jalabiya dress on any occasion inside or outside your home. It’s interesting to know that wearing jalabiya has become a fashion trend in many parts of the world with the Islamic way of covering yourself. 

You can get occasional wear jalabiyas or evening wear jalabiyas easily to rearrange your closet modestly. The main purpose of wearing jalabiya is to promote Islamic culture and values with a unique and humble clothing style. Wearing a simple and loose-fitting garment represents the purification of the soul from any materialism. 

So, Emirati women wear these loose and wide sleeves dress to represent modesty. You can easily buy it online or from clothing stores in the UAE on these days of Ramadan. The prices vary depending upon the style, the material of the fabric, and the brand from where you’re buying.

3- Abaya

You might have seen the Emirati women wearing the long gown over the casual clothing in everyday life. This long gown worn by Muslim women is a symbol of modesty to cover the body parts in the Holy month of Ramadan. It is one of the most common types of ladies’ dresses in Dubai as a veil over the body. 

Both men and women should show modesty through their clothing and behaviour in Ramadan. And for this purpose, the women wear long abayas covering them from neck to toe. Practising Islamic religion during this Holy month by covering the body during Ramadan gatherings is a sign of dignity and respect. 

Most women wear casual abayas in black colour as a way to cover the body by following Islamic guidance. But you can also wear formal abayas with embroidery designs in different colours to attend family gatherings. There are different types of Dubai style abayas as a tradition to follow in the culture of the Arab Emirates. 

4- Hijab

The Muslim women of the Arab Emirates follow the teachings of Islam by covering their heads and necks with a cloth. It’s the month of Ramadan-2022, so wearing a hijab promotes modesty, humbleness, respect, and privacy from the gaze of men. Ramadan is not just about fasting, but it demands the purification of the soul by following Islam in everyday life. 

It’s a common tradition to see the women of UAE cover their heads with a scarf known as a hijab in any social gathering. You can wear a casual hijab for simple occasions or a formal hijab in a fashionable way. 

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