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Dubai Style Abayas – A Complete Guide to Online Abaya Shopping

Dubai Style Abayas

The Dubai style abayas are currently all the rage. It comes in various flattering cuts, structures, samples, and colors. The new abayas are sophisticated yet cute; they are used by women who value modest dress but also need to keep up with the latest fashion trends, which is why they are made in the Dubai style. In some places, such as the UAE and Saudi Arabia, the abaya is predominantly black, but in others, such as Turkey and Pakistan, it is more common to see brighter hues.

In the past, abayas were plain and only came in black, but now there are excellent ways to style this dress. The niqab is worn with the abaya, which covers the entire body save the face, hands, and feet, incorporating the whole look, not just the eyes. You may find many options in the Dubai style alone, and you can buy a gown in that style from any shop at a fair price. One reason why so many women buy Dubai-style dresses is that they are well-liked by Muslim women worldwide, thanks to the luxurious and ornate weaving that sets this abaya apart from others. The best ways to combine a headscarf with a gown for a stunning appearance are demonstrated, and you may learn a lot from these examples. You can wear a velvet abaya with weaving in the winter or choose a weaved chiffon abaya with provisions and stripes in the summer, both of which are available at Jamali, a clothing store in Dubai.

Latest Dubai Styles Abayas

This Dubai-style abaya blog features the following examples of popular abaya styles from the Arabic fashion industry nowadays. Here are seven lovely abaya styles that will be popular in the United Arab Emirates during Ramadan.


As far as I know, embellished abayas have been around for quite some time. Many designs were adorned with glittering crystals, colorful beads, and priceless gems. However, this year, abayas with pearl accents are all the rage. It’s no surprise that pearl-studded abayas are in great demand, given the prevalence of high-fashion pearls and the popularity of companies like Jamali clothing stores in Dubai.


While velvet abayas were all the rage in the fall/winter, lighter-colored summer abayas are expected to be in higher demand as the warmer weather approaches.

Many #abayalovers’ Instagram and Pinterest feeds this year feature a lot of pinks instead of the standard black. The abaya’s light pink and other pastel shades are pretty feminine and can be worn on various Ramadan occasions.

Cape Style Abaya

Those in the know in Dubai know that this fringed abaya is necessary for any self-respecting fashionista’s wardrobe in the Modest fashion UAE. The abaya is characterized by its loose thread and feather fringes that are often fastened to the sleeves, the edge, or, in a cape-like fashion, the back.

Abayas with Belt

Belted abayas are popular among ladies because of their practicality. They allow for more freedom of movement while still providing a little more structure than those without belts. A dress’s color or fabric may dictate the width and length of the belt.

Abayas with Pocket

I mean, who doesn’t like pockets? This abaya feature is not only on-trend but functional as well. During the mad dash to the Iftar buffet, you can safely stow your phone or sunglasses in these compartments.

Jamali’s ostentatious printed abaya collection from the last few years left an indelible mark. In 2022, however, minimalist, geometric, and futuristic prints will be more popular than their more colorful counterparts.

Contemporary Silhouettes

These abayas may seem odd at first glance if you have a more traditional aesthetic. However, many modern teenage girls adore these unconventional, often minimalist or voluminous cuts. They are available in an assortment of atypical styles, hues, and materials.

How to Determine the Perfect Abaya Cut for You

Abaya styles come and go much like any other wardrobe staple. Classic elegance will always be in vogue, so feel free to focus your attention there.

While searching for an abaya online or at Jamali, hijab collection online keep in mind that the ideal style is the one that makes you feel beautiful on the inside as well as the outside.

Guidelines for Online Abaya Shopping in Dubai

Women in Dubai are more likely to, abaya hijab online shopping than in any other city. This is attributable mainly to the ease of purchasing online, but it also has a lot to do with the vast selection that can be browsed without leaving home. However, if you’re looking for the greatest abayas online in the UAE, you need to buy from the correct vendors. Not to mention that every other website you visit boasts of selling the best things available. Let us guide you today in selecting the best online store for your next abaya purchase. Here are the qualities that should be included in the top UAE online abaya stores.

Feedback From Happy Clients

Simply put, customers are a company’s first and most valuable asset. No more assurance is necessary if a company can keep its clients happy. That’s why it’s important to read customer reviews before buying from any online abaya store. You can find out where to buy an abaya in Dubai by inquiring among your peers is Modest fashion UAE. Alternatively, you may see what other people have said about the site by reading what Google thinks of it. You may learn more about other customers’ thoughts by checking out their Instagram and Facebook pages.

Various Varieties

Please don’t lose view of the fact that you’re making your purchase online due to the convenience of its search features and extensive selection. Nonetheless, not every shop worldwide will have a vast selection of abayas. Pick one that allows you to search and filter through many different alternatives. For instance, Hanayen sells a wide variety of goods, including the abaya, head coverings, Shelia, etc. Colors, lengths, widths, heights, and finishes are some of the many customizable options.

Envision the new avenues you’ll be able to pursue and the abayas you’ll be able to add to your collection thanks to such a reliable supplier.

Contact Customer Services

Either before, during, or after a transaction, you may require some help. Therefore, you need the services of a human being who can hear you and meet your requirements. All of these features contribute to the ease of online purchasing. For this reason, choosing a vendor or online platform backed by competent customer service agents is essential. Again, you might ask your social circles to find a reputable vendor with prompt and helpful customer service.

The Scheduled Time of Delivery

All of this information is available on the vendor’s website. Typically, you may find a page with this information at the website’s bottom. Before placing an order, you must carefully review the shipping options and estimated delivery date. After attending that particular event in an outmoded abaya, you won’t want to invest in that perfect abaya. So, before placing an order, ensure you know how long it will take to get there.

Regulations Regarding Returns

You may not end up like the abaya’s fabric or cut. It’s also possible that you received the incorrect abaya size or color. No matter why you want to send it back or get a different item. Return policies and exchange procedures vary from one company to the next. Please read these terms thoroughly before placing an order to avoid confusion. It’s best to look for a more accommodating return policy vendor. It will make you feel confident and secure in making the purchase.

Online abaya shopping with Jamali, the Dubai online abaya store, is enjoyable, just like any other kind of shopping. If that is, you are looking for the most acceptable abaya retail outlets online. The right online abaya shop will allow you to quickly and easily browse hundreds of beautiful, functional, and modest garments. For instance, abayas at Jamali, the best online abaya store, come in various modern silhouettes, color palettes, and decorations. In addition, there is a wide selection of complementary accessories and products to round off your ensemble.

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