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How to Wear Hijab Fashionably on Eid-ul-Adha in UAE 2022

Eid is the occasion of joy, celebration, and excitement. So, celebrate the Eid-ul-Adha in UAE 2022 with full planning and preparation for a memorable experience. As per the Islamic month, Zilhaj is around the corner, including two significant events; Hajj and Eid. So, the Emirati women are focusing on Eid hijab outfits to achieve perfection in appearance.

Learn the perfect Eid hijab styles 2022 for a modest, unique, and beautiful look to get on this religious occasion for Muslim women. It’s the tradition to wear modest clothing in the Arab world by men and women. If you want to look glamourous and decent this Eid, you’ve come to the right place. 

In this blog, we will discuss how women of all ages wear the hijab correctly for a simple and elegant look. 

Different Eid Hijab styles 2022

You can wear hijabs in different styles to look stylish and elegant. The month of Zilhaj is approaching, and you know to look modest with a hijab daily. There are also various rules and regulations for dress code in Dubai. Trying a new style of hijab makes you look more stunning with a unique style. 

So, let’s have a look at some of the most beautiful Hijab currently on sale in Dubai’s apparel stores.

1- Drape Hijab

One of the simplest and easiest ways to wear a hijab is the one-side drape style hijab with your matching accessories. Made with soft cotton or lawn fabrics, it’s the right way to look modest on this Eid occasion in the summer. And the longer hijabs are perfect for this one-side draping style. 

The proper way of wearing a hijab in Islam is to cover your face below the chin modestly. And for a drape style, leave one side more than the other while joining both ends at the back with a pin.

2- Shimmered Hijabs For Eid

Make your Eid look stunning and sophisticated with these shimmered Eid hijab outfits. Add some unique color and sparkle to your Eid outfits with these shimmery hijabs. Add a glimpse of sparkle in your hijab outfits in different inspiring designs. And for this purpose, you can choose any lightweight or soft cotton fabric for a delicate look.

3- Arab Hijab Style

To get a different look at this Eid, you can adopt an Arab hijab style by which you can get a large volume on your head. So, wear this hijab style with Eid dresses such as long frocks with an attractive and eye-catching look. According to the Arab culture and traditions, Emirati women have to cover their heads for a decent look. 

4- Turban Style hijabs UAE

Look classier on this Eid-ul-Adha in UAE 2022 by wearing this more accessible and convenient Turban style hijab. You can look flourish in your Eid dress and flaunt your beautiful jewelry by wearing this western-styled hijab, usually in chiffon or silk fabric, to help women cover their heads. Moreover, the turban hijab styles symbolize modesty, success, elegance, and liberation for Muslim women. 

5- Wear Hijab Caps

For the modest fashion UAE, there are different styles and ways to cover your heads on different occasions such as weddings, Eid celebrations, or family get-togethers. So, you can wear a hijab cap or hijab wrap for a different and classy look. Covering the heads is an essential tradition of the Muslim world. So, Emirati women often prefer wearing hijab caps to get tension free by wearing loose scarfs or hijabs on these caps. 

In addition, there are various benefits why women prefer wearing these hijabs. Such as, you can quickly wear chiffon or silk stuff hijabs on these caps without the tension of slipping them. All you need to do is wrap your head with the hijab cap, and you can also use hijab pins for this purpose. Also, these caps are comfortable to carry under any hijab in different styles.


Visit to get the stunning collection of Eid hijab styles 2022 for the stunning, gorgeous, and glamorous look. Celebrate this joyous occasion by wearing modest clothing in different styles. The lovely hijab styles make you look astonishing and elegant according to a region’s culture, norms, and traditions. Choose from various hijabs in different colors and textures from that suit your preference. So, learn how to wear the hijab in Islam for a unique, simple, and classy look.

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