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How to Wear Kaftan Dresses in Various Styles? Give it a Read

“Style speaks about a person’s personality without using any words”- Rachel Zoe. The Emirati women wear different types of dresses keeping in mind the modest clothing way. They wear the traditional ladies’ dresses in Dubai, including kaftans, jalabiyas, and abayas. And they carry these dresses in different ways and styles which suit them the most.

Choosing the right dress type mainly depends upon a person’s physique and the area’s tradition where they live. As an Emirati woman, you can pick any current fashion for wearing the dress clothes trending in the Arab Emirates for various occasions such as Iftar parties, Eid celebrations, friends get together, or beach parties. Styling kaftan dresses give a modern and stylish look to women in multiple ways. 

Different Ways to Wear Kaftan Dresses in UAE

It should be noted that Emirati women prefer wearing kaftan dresses in UAE because they provide a royal, modest, and elegant look. This type of clothing has its roots in Ottoman Empire, but now these kaftans are again in fashion in the Arab world. Let’s discuss various ways and styles to wear these kaftans in 2022 in the following:

1- Wear Your Kaftan with a Belt

If you want a stylish and casual look, wearing your kaftan with a belt is excellent. Moreover, some women also wear their kaftan with the straps because the kaftan is a highly loose-fitting dress. To give it a close look with elegance and style, wear the matching color belt with your kaftan dress.

2- Farasha Kaftan

Add an eastern look to your fashion style by wearing a kaftan with embroidery on the neckline. The Pakistani and Indian women mostly wear these dresses with lace or embroidery on the V-neck of their shirts, dresses, or kaftans. So, you can wear this Farasha kaftan with heavy or light embroidery work on the neckline with any piece of jewelry to complete the modern look. 

3- Wear Flamboyant Kaftans

The colors are one of the main reasons people buy some specific dresses. And colorful dresses attract the attention of other people. So, you can wear kaftans of striking colors for any night party or friends’ celebration. The flowy long, printed kaftans rich in colors look very pleasing. 

4- Turtleneck Kaftans Again in Fashion

Turtlenecks have again become trending in the fashion industry for men and women in 2022. So, add this style to your clothing by wearing turtleneck kaftans of different designs with matching jeans or skirts to complete the look. This creates a unique, classic, and stylish look to wearing these modest clothing styles on various occasions.

5- A Complete White Look

“White is the new black”. And nowadays, women are wearing white dresses of different designs and styles in different ways. Moreover, it’s a month of Holy Ramadan, which is spiritually connected to Muslims to provide peace and calm. And the white color looks highly elegant, comforting, and decent in this holy month for the Arab world.

So, you can buy kaftan dresses online from the Jamali clothing store in different colors. Wearing a whole white-colored kaftan adds grace to the look of women on various occasions. You can add simplistic jewelry or a bag to provide a royal look.

6- Wear Over Long Skirts or Dresses

Another kaftan design 2022 includes wearing it over the long skirts or dresses, providing a casual, stylish, and modern look. You can either wear a dark-colored kaftan over a light-colored suit or give a monochrome look by matching the outfit and the kaftan color. The ladies’ dresses in Dubai include various designs and colors to add style to the Arab clothing.

Kaftans: The Luxurious Garments Back in Fashion

Buy Dubai Kaftan dress online from the wide range of modest clothing at Moreover, these kaftans, which had a royal history in the past, have again become trending in the Arab fashion industry. Their demand is rising in UAE because of the popularity of this clothing type in the world. So, there are various kaftan shops in Dubai that provide a wide variety of stylish clothing for women. 

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