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The vast majority of people in the UAE uphold and respect traditional dress customs. They continue to dress traditionally for both formal occasions and daily life. One of the most well-liked clothing items for Emirati women is the jalabiya. They are transitional outfits that combine traditional and modern components.

Jalabiyas are one of the most essential pieces of clothing you’ll ever come across. It is a stylish and appealing gown that falls down the body. Although jalabiyas and kaftans are typically associated with Arabic clothing, they have gained popularity among women and girls worldwide due to their stunning appearance despite their simplicity. Jalabiyas are often composed of flowing cloth that ladies wear to conceal their bodies with tights or leggings. Because of their draping appearance, kaftans appear light and airy. The kaftan, or jalabiya, is basic and stylish and may be worn as a casual, formal, or party dress.

Jalabiya’s ladies’ dresses are ideal for wearing with your favorite accessories to any party or occasion. Style accessories such as an intelligent handbag, long earrings, necklaces, and shades may quickly improve your appearance. In addition, bracelets, eccentric bands, and bangles may further enhance your image, making you look like a gorgeous doll with impeccable fashion and dress style.

Jalabiya is a long, light robe embellished with embroidery, crystals, sequins, fabric designs, and other ornaments. It is primarily worn by Emirati women, particularly at important events such as Eid and weddings. It features vibrant colors and translucent fabrics. You may go to a clothing store in Dubai at Jamali Online Shopping in Dubai.

The best Jalabiya outfit for you

When selecting a Jalabiya Arabic dress for yourself or as a gift, you must be confident of the following:

The material quality

You may need clarification due to the market’s massive selection of Jalabiya dresses. However, keep in mind that the texture of the clothing is the essential factor. So, when choosing a jalabiya, consider the fabric textures to ensure maximum comfort.

Avoid cheap jalabiyas

A jalabiya Arabic dress should cover most of a woman’s body. It also portrays the woman’s individuality in an attractive and classy manner. When you can go to Jamali online shopping in Dubai and see ladies’ Jalabiya, avoid cheap Jalabiyas and always stick to traditional Jalabiya proportions.

Important things to consider

When choosing the perfect jalabiya Arabic dress, kaftan abaya, or even Moroccan kaftan, consider the following:

The quality of the product:

If you’re into online shopping, always check the product’s quality when receiving your order. If you find shabby or tearing threads in it, always ask to change it as early as possible.

Physique size:

When purchasing a jalabiya, choose the one that is most comfortable for your body. If you need to know your particular body type, such as medium, large, or extra-large, look for online stores that allow you to try on the dress at the time of delivery. In addition, we have a greater variety of clothes, ladies’ Jalabiyas, and other services provided. For more details, contact the Jamali site.

A matching hijab

Always consider wearing a Jalabiya Arabic dress that compliments your best hijab 2022 collection. Match the colour of your hijab to the tone of your jalabiyas to display yourself respectably. It would be an excellent combination of fashion and traditional beliefs.


To provide structural forms to your jalabiya, use thicker, sturdier materials. Using chiffon and other transparent, airy, and light materials, your outfit may resemble a floaty beach or pool cover-up rather than a high-quality, formal jalabiya. For an excellent appliqué design, look for sheer textiles with embellishment already sewn on, such as lace. If you need color or embroidery advice, ask the fabric salesman; he’ll most likely be knowledgeable and happy to assist. Tailors will typically require at least six yards of fabric for a jalabiya.

How to choose a jalabiya according to your body type

The first step in developing a distinct style and standing out is discovering and understanding your body type! So, whether you’re looking for an evening gown in Dubai or a wedding gown in UAE! Or, if you’re looking for the best jalabiya Arabic dress, you should know what works and what doesn’t!

Rectangle body shape

If you have a rectangular shape, you can choose almost anything. However, because your shoulders and hips are similar, we recommend selecting styles with a belt to break up the rectangle at the waist.

Round body shape

We propose that people with an apple body type avoid emphasizing their waist. To strike a balance, choose a jalabiya design that highlights your shoulders and adds fullness to the bottom of the dress. Also, because you have an enormous belly, avoid clothing that makes you appear top-heavy.

Hourglass Body Type

If you have an hourglass figure, your waist is the most crucial feature to emphasize while shopping for a jalabiya dress. Jalabiyas with a tightened waistline or a belt can flatter your figure. Instead, choose a loose outfit around the top and bottom to maintain your modest style.

Finally, the style you select may make or break your appearance! While there are many different jalabiya styles to choose from, keep your body type in mind before shopping!

How to wash your jalabiya

The word jalabiya comes from Egypt and refers to a classic Arabic one-piece gown. It is a long gown worn by both men and women and is both modest and fashionable for the festive occasion. Jalabiya fashion has made its way into the culture of the Middle East, including Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Although the basic Jalabiya design has not changed, the most recent fashion has featured outer sheer flowing pieces.

Caring for your Jalabiya garment

If there is one thing Jalabiya fashion is, it is unquestionably pricey. Because of the delicate nature of the cloth used to make them, the garments are costly and require extra care to keep them safe. Therefore, when cleaning such fabrics, they should exercise extreme caution to ensure they retain their quality for an extended time. Tips for washing Jalabiya in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are below.

Machine Washing Jalabiya Fabrics

To avoid bleeding and discoloration, sort Jalabiya textiles into piles of similar colors before machine washing. These textiles require delicate machine washing, potentially with a low-temperature wash cycle (less than 30 C) to minimize heat shrinkage. A moderate machine wash also keeps the clothing from unraveling at the seams. It’s also a good idea to wash them inside so the colors don’t fade.

Handwashing Jalabiya Clothes

should handwash jalabiya clothing with extreme caution. It is advised that you wash in cold water to avoid shrinkage. It should also be soaked for at least 10 minutes. When washing Jalabiya clothing, use a small amount of mild detergent because strong detergent is likely to damage the fabric. Finally, only scrub areas with stains rather than areas with embroidery.

Dry Jalabiya Fabrics

Because Jalabiya textiles are sheer, they cannot endure high temperatures. Therefore, tumble drying should be avoided while washing Jalabiya. The agitation and heat of the dryer during tumble drying will fade the fabric over time, making it appear dull. If hand-washed, it is advised to gently wring out any excess water before hanging the clothes to dry.

Pressing and storing your Jalabiya garment

Jalabiya materials require a low heat setting, especially for embellished fabrics. To avoid material damage, you should consider pressing the fabric inside out. To preserve the adorned Jabaliya textiles from the heat, iron them inside out and layer another cloth over the embroidery. To avoid creasing, store them carefully after ironing. If you want to hang your garments, use strong hangers to prevent them from being misshapen at the shoulders.


Jamali Fashion offers jalabiyas, abayas, and hijabs in various modern and antique styles. There is one that suits your interests, personality, and sense of style. Finding a model that looks just like you can be complex. We created the best products for online shopping so that people could easily find what they were looking for.

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