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Some Common Myths and Misconceptions About Wearing Hijab

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Let’s clear up some common misunderstandings concerning Muslim women in the Arab world who choose to wear the Hijab. If you are looking for the best hijab stores UAE, then you should first understand the basics of wearing hijab. We often form first impressions of someone based on their physical appearance; this is the root of many of the prejudices that exist in our society.

People may not be interested in learning about a different religion or culture because they believe they know everything about it, yet this may be due to the misleading stereotypical portrayals. 

Many Westerners see the Hijab and other traditional Muslim clothing as a symbol of women’s subjection and oppression. However, it’s not straightforward since many women opt to carry the scarf as a statement of religion or individualism.

To disprove the stereotype that women who wear hijabs are submissive, more and more modern Muslim women are wearing the Hijab. 

The same is the case with Emirati women as the trend of wearing a Hijab with the abaya, jalabiya, or latest kaftan designs in UAE is becoming more popular. It is because of the tradition and culture of the Arab world to wear modest clothing in public. 

 Myths and Misconceptions About Wearing Hijab

Many people have a limited understanding of Muslims and Islam despite the fact that billions of Muslims exist worldwide.

Annually on February 1st, since its establishment in 2013, the world celebrates World Hijab Day. They are spreading the message that women who want to wear a hijab are just “dressed” rather than “oppressed,” which is a great way to encourage religious tolerance. So, women also search for the hijab online shopping UAE to get the latest variety and designs. 

In this post, we’ll go through eight of the common myths and misunderstandings about wearing a Hijab: 

The compulsion for Muslim Women to Wear Hijab

Despite being completely false, the misconception that Muslim women must cover their heads in any situation spreads around society. Islam looks down against compulsion. It is the individual woman’s decision whether or not to wear the Hijab, and not anybody else’s, in Islam.

The Hijab, or Islamic headscarf, is immediately associated with Muslim women in the minds of non-Muslims. Some people mistakenly assume that all Muslim women must dress decently and wear a hijab. The opposite is true. Many nations are attempting to restrict women’s clothing choices, including the wearing or removing hijabs, although this is a matter of personal choice. 

There is “no compulsion in religion,” as the Quran teaches clearly. Moreover, the Hijab is a pillar of the Islamic law that ensures Muslim women maintain their dignity and modesty in public. For modest clothing, you can contact for Dubai hijab online shopping where you can get varieties of different types of dresses at different price ranges. 

The Arabic term for “cover” is Hijab, which is what most Muslim women who wear the apparel refer to.

Hijab is a Symbol of Oppression

Muslim women have a long and distinguished history of accomplishment as innovators, military experts, and political leaders. Even though there have been many female heads of state in Muslim-majority nations, no woman has ever been elected president of the United States. 

Since the 7th century, Islam has granted Muslim women various rights, such as the ability to keep their name after the wedding, the right to get separated from their husband by divorce, a fair share in inheritance, and the right to vote. To put this in perspective, white women in the United States were the only ones allowed to vote for the first time in 1920. So, it is clear that Islamic dress and rules don’t oppress women.

You Can’t Play Sports in Hijab

Anatu Sadat and Ibtihaj Muhammad are two athletes you have undoubtedly heard of if you follow sports at all. Many Muslim women play sports while wearing the Hijab since it does not prevent them from doing so.

There is nothing particularly wrong with most hijabis that prevent them from attempting new things. Instead, the difficulty lies in society and cultural norms, particularly in the West. In certain parts of the world, women who want to cover their hair with a hijab have to face difficulties and stereotypical thinking from people.

It should be noted that the Hijab is not a hindrance for people from taking part in different athletic activities. If you are a Muslim sports girl in UAE, you can visit our store for hijab online shopping for a large variety of modest dresses.

Wearing Hijab Makes Women Conservative and Restricted

It is a widespread misunderstanding concerning Arab women who choose to dress modestly. Following religious norms does not automatically make one a conservative. Many people wrongly link Islam with terrorism, although this is not true. Also, Muslim women choose to cover their hair and faces with the Hijab because they value modesty and follow God’s instructions for a highly moral existence.

Those Muslim women who choose to wear the Hijab aren’t necessarily more pious than those who don’t; instead, it shows that they were prepared to move to the next level in their spiritual development as Muslims.

Hijab Holds Back From Career Growth

You can now see several professional Arab ladies wearing Hijab in their offices. Some of the most accomplished and respected members of society are Muslim women, and they do so while continuing to practice their faith in public by wearing the Hijab.

Throughout history and the present, there have been several outstanding Muslim women. Aysha, the Prophet Muhammad’s last wife, is a shining example of a great woman. She got successful with modest clothing and following Islamic virtues. Aysha made significant contributions to hadiths and gained renown as a scholar. 

Do not forget that the purpose of modest dresses is to protect the wearer from harm, not to restrict her ambition or prevent her from gaining knowledge or experience. There are various famous bloggers, inspirational women, and business ladies who wear hijab. So, don’t hesitate for online hijab shopping to pursue your career growth according to the UAE dress code

Hijabi Women are not Feminist

Observing a religious hair-covering practice is not the same as being anti-feminist.

It is not about defining women by what they wear (bikinis vs. burkas) but instead allowing them the freedom to express their individuality without interference from society.

The Hijab, in the end, is something that each Muslim woman must decide for herself.

Women who choose to wear headscarves are the essence of feminism. Regarding Islamic dressing, modesty and decency are not synonymous with extremism. Strong dedication and determination are required for modesty. Wearing Hijab provides Muslim women a sense of piousness which gives them confidence. 

Muslim Women Wear Hijab All the Time

That is not just a ridiculous assumption but also completely false. It should be noted that Muslim women don’t keep their hair covered 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In the company of close friends and family or while relaxing at home, women often remove their Hijab. The purpose of the Hijab is to make women more modest and graceful in the presence of strangers. 

Moreover, it’s an entirely false conception that Muslim women don’t get ready or make hairstyles at different events. In the presence of Mahram, Muslim women can reveal their hair without wearing modest dresses such as hijabs. 

Modern Women Don’t Wear Hijabs

Once again, this relates to how you characterize the present day. Isn’t it true that liberties like free expression, free will, and a chance at life determine what we consider “modern”? It is a meaningless statement to claim that wearing a Hijab is not a part of modern dressing. 

Being modern in this contemporary world doesn’t depend upon a person’s clothing. 

The dress style of a person has no connection with the knowledge or science-based facts. But it has a link to spiritual beliefs and a deep personal connection with religion. So, visit the best hijab UAE stores to get the modern and latest hijab designs. 

Hijabi Women are Oppressed

People often assume Muslim women suffer discrimination, repression, and low social status. Since women of all colors, creeds, and nations experience inequity on a global scale, it is impossible to examine Muslim women’s place in society in isolation from the situation of women in general. 

 The Quran makes it clear that men and women are on an equal basis in God’s eyes by, for example, instructing Muslims to educate daughters alongside sons. Moreover, Islam also provides equal rights to men and women in different aspects of life.

Veiling, or Hijab, is a religious requirement for Muslim women. The Hijab is a sign, but it also represents so much more. Covering the body parts publicly symbolizes a woman’s obedience to God and her religion, as symbolized by the Hijab. In addition, Hijab is a gesture of respect and obedience to Allah by Muslim women.


According to Islam’s founding Prophet, Muhammad (SAW), Muslims consider worshipping God the only meaning of existence. 

Dressing modestly is an integral part of Islam worship, as in other religions. The purpose of covering a woman’s beauty is not oppression but rather respect and protection. Veils and the Hijab are religious requirements for Muslim women.

After reading the above Ayah, one may deduce that Hijab is purity and that it guards the female’s heart against evil, hence making her purer. Veiling and the Hijab are not designed to restrict women’s rights but to help Muslim society run smoothly. In addition, Islam provides security and safety for its followers, individually and collectively. Muslim women feel protection from harm the complete peace of mind when they wear the Hijab.

As a result of wearing the Hijab, women are seen as more powerful and respected. To gain these rewards, we must do good actions for the delight of Almighty Allah, and wearing the Hijab is one such deed. is the best hijab store online with the latest variety of all types of modest dresses in latest designs. 

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