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Top Trending Hijab Styles with Jamali Fashion

Hijab Styles

Choosing to wear a hijab in the modern world requires strength and determination. It takes courage to stand out for what you believe in like this. The hijabi women often feel that they can’t follow the modern fashion style and trends because of their religious obligations. But we will prove this claim wrong by providing the latest collection of online hijabs in many different types. 

It’s possible to make a fantastic look with different hijab styles in various ways. Visit the Jamali clothing store in UAE for the latest hijab collection online in different styles and color ranges. This article explains how to tie a headscarf in multiple styles that complement a wide range of wardrobe choices. 

Do You Know What is Hijab?

Let’s start with the definition and history of the hijab and the reason for wearing hijabs. The word hijab refers to a veil or covering used by certain Muslim women. Since it covers the wearer’s head, it is considered one of the Islamic faith’s most modest clothing articles. A scarf may be worn as a hijab; however, a hijab cannot be worn as a scarf. It shows respect and protection for women who want to prevent the male gaze.

One may wear a hijab in various styles based on the modest fashion UAE, the occasion, the season, and the outfit. It’s a popular item of clothing in a lot of different countries. When surrounded by males, not members of their immediate family, Muslim women are expected to wear the hijab, commonly known as the hijab or headscarf. To be a part of societal norms of decency, Muslim women likewise cover their chests and heads with this scarf.

 Fabrics like cotton, linen, chambray, jersey, etc., sometimes blended with rayon, polyester, nylon, etc., are used for hijabs. Before, there were hijabs only available in plain and black; now, however, there are a variety of contemporary hijab styles to choose from, each of which contributes to the attractiveness of a woman’s outfit.

How to Wear Hijab in Different Ways and Styles?

You may wear a hijab in whatever style you choose. Take some time to go around and peruse the online clothing Dubai stores to get a scarf that complements your features and character. Some hijabs come in one piece, and those come in two sections that may be worn separately and linked together. They may be fastened or joined together for a secure hold. 

The term hijab originates from the Arabic language and means “barrier”; in current use, it is often used to refer to a headscarf. It should come as no surprise that, as a religious garment, the hijab may be worn in several ways, given that Islam is a religious system in most countries worldwide. Considerations such as the season, the event, the local fashion, and the woman’s physical features play a role.

This classic and versatile accessory allows you to express individuality via various hijab designs and unique looks. You may start with only a few fundamental hijab-wearing techniques and a lovely selection of hijabs.

In this article, our apparel experts show a variety of hijab designs and ladies dresses in Dubai so that you may feel confident in wearing your hijab and ready to make it your own. Let’s not waste any more time and get started.

What are the Trending Styles for Wearing Hijab?

  1. Traditional Ways of Wearing Hijab

Women still often wear classic full hijab designs to follow the UAE dress code and Islamic culture. The hijab is created from a basic black cotton fabric with knitted edging, a typical style that women carry daily. 

  1. Hijab with Pearl Designs

If you want to look more stylish and attractive while wearing a hijab, then go for choosing a hijab with pearls on it. The pearls create a more formal as well as a different look. So, you can get a simple and decorative look by wearing this beautiful hijab. 

  1. Carry Hijab with Layers

The most excellent way to wear a hijab in 2022 so that it compliments your face with layers. Chiffon with patterns or diamond work is used to make the hijab. The hijab is a simple head- and chest-covering worn by Muslim women.

  1. Beautiful Arabic Hijab Style

Arabic hijab design, worn by women in Arab countries, is widely regarded as one of the most aesthetically pleasing forms of the hijab. It’s designed to cover the entire head and is shaped like a triangle at the chest. This printed chiffon hijab is perfect for everyday wear which you can get from modest clothing stores in Dubai

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  1. Printed Hijab Style

When women began wearing the hijab in creative ways, such as curving and twisting it, a new fashion trend emerged. They provide printed material hijabs in different styles and forms, which attracts women because of their simplicity and fashion. 

  1. Kashmiri Handcrafted Styles of Hijab

In the last few years, the Kashmiri fashion trend has become highly popular among people, especially women. The same is the case with the hijab trends and styles which emerged from the Kashmir fashion style. In addition, the hijab collection online in Kashmiri fashion trends is highly popular for weddings and special occasions for its formal and beautiful look. 

  1. Hijab Styles for Bridals

The brides who follow the Islamic culture of wearing hijab on their wedding look extremely beautiful. But the main question for them is where to get the latest collection of hijab online in 2022 for their weddings. No need to worry now! Jamali, the online clothing Dubai, is a modest clothing store in UAE from where you can buy hijabs of your own choice. 

  1. Popular Turkish Hijabs

As we all know that Turkish clothing and fashion trends are famous for their decorative trends and the formal look they provide. So, if you want some decorative style hijab 2022, Turkish hijab is the best option for you according to your face shape and color choice. 

  1. Multi Colored Hijab Pattern

This hijab design has a dual-color appearance. The hijab is made of cotton silk and has a side rolling pattern on one side and little plates on the other. This kind of hijab is also often worn by Muslim women while attending formal events or making public appearances.

  1. Embroidered Hijab for Women

Embroidered hijabs are the most common type of hijab for women. You can get embroidery on silk or cotton in any design. Moreover, these styles of hijabs are popular for events such as weddings and other formal events. 

  1. Wearing Hijab in a Cap Style

Add a cap design to your hijab by wearing these kebaya hijabs for a friendly and decent look. In addition, you can also get embroidery, crochet designs, or laced borders on these cap-style hijabs.

  1. Hijab Styles to Cover Body

These hijab styles cover the wearer’s body completely. It wraps over the top of your head, ties at an angle at the neck, and flares into a full skirt. You can get these full-sized hijabs in any color or style with embroidery or laces. 

  1. Hijab Styles for Kids

Adding a cap to the variety of adorable kid-friendly hijab designs is the cherry on top. A cap is added to the top of the traditional hijab, and the length of the garment is extended to cover the breast. 

The traditional hijab worn by young women is updated with a cap-like style that allows it to hang loosely over the wearer’s head. White pearls and chiffon fabric are used to create a crown-like effect on the hijab. 

  1. Wear Hijab in Iran Style

Teen girls in Iran may seem stylish and well-up with this kind of hijab. When wearing the hijab, the silk material is wrapped well overhead and twisted over the shoulders, with one end left behind and the other taken in the front to create an open appearance. These hijab styles are the most relaxed, stylish, and comfortable for women. 

  1. Fancy Hijabs for Different Occasions

High neckline, embossed designs, and stonework elevate the hijab from ordinary to extraordinary. These fancy hijabs are popular among women for modest fashion UAE, such as wedding functions and formal events. 

  1. Hijab Styles with Rings

Here, enticing details are added to fashionable hijab styles to make them even more eye-catching. In this case, the chiffon hijab has a simple shiny border that is weaved in rings on one end to create the illusion of a belt. There are two layers of fabric at the top to keep the hijab in place, but the side that rests on the chest is left loose. 


Here at Jamali, we don’t think being a Hijabi should mean giving up on style. Instead, a hijab may be a versatile item that can take an instant appearance from basic to on-trend according to the UAE dress code

The hijab may be styled for a wide variety of events and outfits. This emphasizes the need to keep up with the latest developments in the hijab industry, including the range of fabrics, colors, and designs currently of your choice. To ensure you feel comfortable and up-to-date in your daily hijab wear, we have compiled a comprehensive hijab guide with simple instructions. Go through the online website of Jamali for the latest abaya hijab online shopping, and book your order now.

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