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When it came to women’s hijab, you didn’t have a lot of options until recently. The variety of women’s hijabs available now is impressive. You currently have access to various hijab styles, from traditional cotton scarves to more modern embellished versions.

Here are a few examples of the trendy urban hijab collection online available from Jamali Fashion, whether you shop online or in-store.

Hijab styles

Women have a large no. of options when selecting a hijab, and the modal style is ideal because it can be worn year-round and is a Modest fashion UAE. Since most modal scarves are constructed from cotton, they are suitable for any day.

Modal Hijab 

Modal hijab is available in various hues, including but not limited to the following: blue, violet, maroon, grey, pink, orange, white, black, and green.

Because of how soft and lightweight the modal is, hijabs made from it are perfect for all-day wear, the light, airy fabric has a luxurious feel, and the softness is terrific and irritant-free.

Sparkly Hijab

All Muslim women would look stunning in a glitter hijab with gold threads woven throughout the fabric. It makes you appear more stately. This is the perfect outfit to show off if you’re going to a party, festival, or just having a get-together with your loved ones.

This hijab will make you look stunning, thanks to its luxurious fabric and shimmering finish. More than fifteen colors, including yellow, dark green, navy blue, white, brown, sky blue, and so on, are available for glitter hijabs.

The best time to wear a glitter hijab is on a social occasion. You may wear it with anything, as long as the rest of your outfit is simple or the same color.

Interlaced hijab

The effect of a hijab worn in a cross-layer fashion is sophistication and chic. Women’s hijabs come in various fabrics, including chiffon, jersey, and multilayer styles.

There are immediate cross-layered hijabs for ladies that eliminate the need to wear additional layers. It’s already layered, so you may choose how you wear it. The hijab with the cross in the middle comes in a wide range of colors, from pink to black to maroon to sky blue to purple to grey.

A hijab with multiple layers can be worn at formal and casual events. It’s the ultimate understated fashion statement.

Ripple Hijab

A ripple hijab is an excellent choice if you want a scarf for women that is both modest and fashionable.

The typical material for a hijab with ripples is cotton. Cotton’s natural breathability makes it a go-to fabric no matter the season. The fabric is hypoallergenic and luxuriously smooth, so you can feel safe wearing the hijab all day long.

The ripple hijab comes in a rainbow of colors, from bright orange and pink to emerald green and peach, cool blue and black, and everything in between. This hijab is versatile enough to use in a chic and sparkly ensemble or a simple dress.

Square Hijab

Wearing a square hijab is easy and comfortable. You can sling them over your noggin in an instant, and you’ll feel as fantastic as you appear.

There’s no doubt that square hijabs, which have long been popular, will remain so in the future. They require little effort and come in several different materials. Silk square hijabs are an excellent option for women who want a more understated style.

There is no better hijab shape than the classic square.

Necklace Style Hijab

Is jewelry a passion of yours? If so, a hijab with a necklace design is among the most stylish options.

Extraordinary in appearance, this hijab for ladies exudes luxury and is sure to elevate your fashion cred. Women’s hijabs with necklace designs are usually made of stretchy jersey fabric. This hijab doesn’t require you to run out and buy a new set of jewelry. As usual, the hijab can be worn over the necklace, which will be at the base of the neck. The hijab can be worn, so the chain rests above the wearer’s head. It’s a lovely way to accessorize without going overboard, and it looks great either way. Comfort is not sacrificed for quality with this hijab.

Jersey Hijab

One of the most practical and easy-to-wear hijab styles is the jersey hijab. The cloth has a subtle shimmer that makes you look put together no matter what you wear it with.

Jersey has a pleasant texture and stretches well. Investing in a jersey is a good idea because they tend to last a long time.

The versatility of jersey hijabs extends to any event and climate. A jersey Hijaab 2022 can be worn in various environments, from hot to cold. The jersey hijab is a simple way to achieve a stylish appearance.  It has a large variety of colors, from rose pink to olive green to light brown to teal blue to light grey to beige.

How to Choose the Right Hijab: 5 Steps

Are you struggling to locate the perfect hijab? 

Select the Material.

Choose a hijab made from appropriate fabric for your climate and the setting where you will be wearing it. You can get acceptable hijabs in a wide variety of materials.

The price may be worth it

Various hijabs can be purchased for a wide range of prices. Factors like design and material will determine the final cost. The fabric quality and touch should always come first. Do your research to locate the best price on the hijab you want to buy.

Choose According to the event

When looking for a women’s hijab, it’s essential to have a specific event in mind. Do you plan on going to the wedding of your best friend? Or perhaps you plan to wear it to a business dinner. You should select your hijab according to the formality of the event. Casual events call for hijabs with sparkles and lively patterns, while more formal situations call for something more understated.

Suitable for your personality.

It is essential that your hijab fits well and complements your appearance. Buy a hijab that works well with your facial features. There are pre-styled hijabs available, or a seasoned hijab wearer can create her look.

Think about if you require hijab accessories before making any purchases.

Do you already own hijab accessories, or will you have to go out and get some? If you’re shopping for a women’s hijab, it’s essential to be aware of its maintenance and upkeep. Pins are necessary for some hijabs but not for others. Select a hijab that you feel most confident wearing.

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