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Wear the Latest jalabiya designs for ladies on Eid-ul-Adha 2022

In the United Arab Emirates, the majority of the women population honors the traditional dress codes. They dress traditionally by covering their head and body parts for daily routine and significant events. So, it is common for Emirati women to wear the Jalabiya dress, which is a loose-fitting clothing essential.

This traditional Arabic garment has become popular and trending fashion in the Arab world. And the women living in the Arab world combine traditional clothing with modern designs and features to make it look attractive. As Eid-ul-Adha 2022 is around the corner, so shop from Jamali to get the latest and trending designs of jalabiyas online.

Latest Jalabiya Designs for Ladies 

The Jalabiya is a long and embellished piece of clothing with embroidery, crystals, fabric designs, and other ornaments. And the Emirati women wear jalabiyas and abayas of various designs in daily routine and at significant events such as Eid and weddings, where it is considered appropriate and modest clothing. 

The sleeves of jalabiya dresses are typically long, and the dresses themselves are loosely fitted. Jalabiyas UAE comes in various styles depending on where you buy them and the culture in which you live. The jalabiya dress is a loose, lightweight, and incredibly comfortable option for hot climates like the United Arab Emirates.

We’re all aware that jalabiyas come in a wide range of colors, shapes, and sizes in the market.  And you can get them on Jamali by choosing the outfit’s material, fabric, and size according to your preference.  So, let’s discuss the latest jalabiya designs for ladies 2022 in the following:

Moroccan jalabiya

Traditionally, Arab women wear a Moroccan jalabiya as a long and loose dress. And as long clothing, it has long sleeves and a belt that can be shortened or lengthened in various ways and colours. Moreover, Arab people consider it the most appropriate clothing for women to wear at official events such as weddings or religious festivals.

 The traditional jalabiya design has been modernized by Moroccan stylists by adapting it to the current era’s fashion styles. Major clothing brands and stylists introduced the Moroccan jalabiya at prestigious fashion shows, and it has since grown in popularity.

Jabaliya with Embroidery

The Emirati women love wearing Jalabiya with embellishment by hand using stitches in silk, yarns and ornamentation such as sequins, pearls, beads and feathers, which we call embroidery. Different cultures use different terms to describe techniques in embroidery, so there are no specific types of jalabiyas with embroidery on them. 

Velvet Jalabiya 

Jalabiya dress comes in various fabrics, such as lawn, cotton, velvet, and linen. And the velvet jalabiyas give a classic look to women in a traditional, elegant, and stylish way. There is a wide variety of jalabiya dresses online and in clothing shops in Dubai from where you can get any dress of your choice. But it would be best if you considered your culture and Arab tradition while buying these dresses.

Silk Jalabiya

You can wear a silk jalabiya of different designs throughout the year, regardless of the season. Moreover, silk has long been associated with the wealthy heritage of the past. In terms of fabric, a silk jalabiya is an excellent choice. 

 Pair a silk jalabiya with slim-fit pants and high-heel boots for a perfect look. In addition to this, you can wear a long and loose silk jalabiya dress with beautiful jewelry. You can also look more attractive in this silk clothing by slipping on high heels.

Even in silk jalabiyas, digital printing is being used to meet customers’ demands. Silk jalabiyas come in a variety of patterns, styles, and colors. So, you can choose any of them according to your own choice.

Chiffon Jalabiya

Emirati women can buy chiffon Jalabiya items in a variety of designs. Chiffon jalabiyas are made from velvet and cotton. Modest dresses for Emirati women are available at Jamali. And Arab women wear these chiffon jalabiya mostly on Ramadan or Eid occasions as they give a slightly formal look.


Arab women have worn the jalabiya on special occasions for centuries. And now, it has again become trending in fashion in the Arab world. So, you can visit the clothing store for women which contains jalabiya of all colors and designs for various occasions. Follow the Arab tradition in a modest and stylish way by getting the jalabiya dresses online from Jamali, the modest clothing store in Dubai.

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