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What to Wear in Dubai? UAE Dress Code, Rules and Regulations- 2022

Are you planning a tour to one of the most popular destinations of the world for beautiful architecture, luxurious hotels, shopping malls, and beaches? Deciding about what to wear and what not to wear in Dubai is the primary concern of people while packing for the Arab Emirates. Emiratis have the acceptability of different types of clothes, as Dubai is a multicultural and diverse city. But the tourists should respect the culture and tradition as we all know that UAE is a Muslim country. 

The laws, customs and traditions of Muslim countries like the Arab Emirates are different from the rest of the world. So, follow the modest clothing with a stylish sense of fashion according to UAE dress code. And for this purpose, you can shop from Jamali fashion which is a shopping store in Dubai for modest clothing covering your head and shoulders. 

In this blog, we are providing a complete guide to the dress code of Dubai for the residents, expatriates, and tourists. 

Some Key Points to Remember for Dress Code in UAE

1- Follow the Emirati Culture

One of the most important things to consider as a tourist is that you should follow the norms, values, and culture of a place or a country you’re visiting. The reason is that it leaves a great impression on the residents of that place. Moreover, the UAE residents should also follow the cultural values of their own country. 

It should be noted that Dubai is a major hub of business and trade. And it’s a multicultural country with a high population of expatriates living there. Emirati people are highly welcoming and friendly. So, following the Arabian culture while dressing decently would be more appropriate and considerable. 

Some cities in UAE such as Sharjah have strict rules for wearing the proper dress code. You will be charged AED 100 if you don’t modestly cover yourself and reveal your shoulders or upper legs. In addition, avoid wearing too tight clothes which show women’s body parts. If you want to wear fashionable dresses, you can wear the latest designs of kaftans or jalabiya by covering your body. 

2- Dress Code for Women 

It’s a culture of Emirati women to cover their heads usually and they wear a long gown known as an abaya to cover their body parts. The female tourists get confused while packing about what to wear in Dubai and what not to wear in Dubai. The western and tight-fitting clothes of women seem inappropriate according to UAE culture. So, you can wear modest clothing such as abaya, jalabiyas, or kaftans in unique, stylish, and modern-day designs. 

Abaya for Women

Mostly, the local women residents wear abaya which is a flowing gown to cover the body parts. And you can wear anything such as jeans. shorts, or skirts under the abaya. Now, you can also get the stylish and latest designs of abayas from From this clothing store in UAE, you can get velvet abayas, sports abayas, silk abayas, denim abayas, or multi-colored abayas. So, you can add a sense of fashion to the traditional UAE dress code. 

 Hijab to Cover the Head

UAE is a Muslim country that follows Islamic values and customs. Covering the head is a sign and symbol of dignity in the Arab world for women. So, you can pack any kind of scarf with you while packing as a tourist to cover your head and neck. Women across the world also celebrate World Hijab Day to show the hijab as a symbol of women’s empowerment. 

Wear Traditional Kaftans or Jalabiyas

Kaftans, jalabiyas, and abayas are the most common dress codes for women in UAE as they are long gown-type clothes for covering the body. In today’s modern world, Emirati women love styling their traditional dresses in a modern way to look more fashionable. There are different ways to ways kaftan dresses in UAE for an elegant and stylish look. 

Ending Note

UAE is known for its hot temperature and specific type of clothing style for men and women. According to the UAE government, the residents and tourists should dress modestly by covering their body parts. And for this purpose, you can wear the traditional dresses of UAE such as abaya and kaftans for women. It’s not necessary to cover your head according to the UAE dress code. But you can wear a scarf on your head if you want to follow the Islamic culture as a tourist. In addition, the government strictly forbids any type of nudity that is considered highly unconsiderable. 

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